Survey Programming & Editing

Allow your users to create comprehensive surveys, with over 100+ editing features and question types.

  • Templates
  • Explanatory text
  • Disqualification question
  • Paste Choices
Surveywx Question

Types of Questions

  • Matrix (Rows & Columns)
  • Images
  • Likert Scale fully customizable.
  • Rank Order
Surveywx Question Types

Collect anwers, get the insight you need

  • Different links to receive the answers you need
  • Contacts
  • Messages
Surveywx Collect Answers

Identity and Access Management

  • Self-help user access and control, where users with administration prvileges can grant or revoke others access to SurveyWX
  • Customization by Access levels is also included, where certain SurveyWx modules can be shown or hidden from defined users.
Surveywx Question

Data Management

  • User-based File Management & Navigation
  • Edit and Re-code Variables
  • Preview and edit
  • Export All Survey Data can be exported to a csv
Surveywx Question