Extra Features

The SurveyWx Portal

The website where respondents can access and track their own surveys.

It is ideal for Semi-Anonymous survey types and when multiple surveys are expected to be taken by the same respondents

  • It is easily accessed by respondents. Respondents can be sent their own credentials in the SurveyWx contact module, or they can just create their own password in the same portal homepage.
  • The Portal logo can be customized, and different respondent groups can be set to see a different logo. It is designed, so respondents own their report viewing and survey taking experience.
  • In the Portal, users will see different surveys that were made available for them. Respondents can save and continue their surveys later, as SurveyWx also includes the possibility of surveys to be saved and continued later (this is an optional feature, of course).
  • Finally, the Portal can display different reports with analysis and survey results that are made available for respondents. An interesting feature is that respondents are automatically identified on these reports, which is ideal for Benchmark Reports that show respondents what their own answer in the survey was compared to the rest of the respondents.

Adaptive Import

This code allows you to import survey and market research data - without any fuss!

Provide a seamless experience for your users.

  • Upload any survey .csv, and Adaptive Import will make sense of it - without user input
  • Simply feed it a CSV or SPSS file, and Adaptive Import detects headers, respondent identifiers, and multiple-response questions - in order to import the data into your tool. It also recommends var type and other choices for the variable, and will identify question and other meta information in the file using our proprietary AI and logic-tree programming.

APIs for Statistical Analysis

Accurate & Intuitive - with our API get your results explained to users in plain English.

Implement Data science and analytics right into your application - with our API for statistical analysis, you have a plug and play functionality ready to use, designed so that users have access to actionable results - not only mathematics.

  • ‌Zero data science engineering - No need to hire a data scientist or an engineer, have your programmer send us the data and get the results you need:
  • ‌Relate Variables
    • Identifies statistical relationships between variables
    • Determines if there is a relationship, and how strong the relationship is
    • Example stat functions used: chi square, ANOVA, etc.
  • Cluster analysis
      Discover Segments in the Data Compare & Contrast: What makes Segment A different from Segment B?
  • Predict Quickly determine which factors cause or correlate with a desired outcome Study Merging Patent-pending technology Merges two studies with different respondents Draw conclusions between questions in two different studies