Survey Data Collection for the 21st Century!

Craft the survey, manage respondents, and collect results - all in one platform

SurveyWx is a complete survey and data collection platform - designed specifically to be implemented into your software.

What’s included in this platform:

Survey Programming & Editing

Allow your users to create comprehensive surveys, with over 100+ editing features and question types

Security & Access Management

Manage their team’s access to the tool and data

Manage Respondents & Messaging

Users manage their respondents, communicate with them, and track results - directly in the platform

Data Management

Let’s your users manage their data, export, preview, and recode - easily and simply

Why SurveyWx?

  • Own the source code, adapt and edit your way - means that you can make this your own, and differentiate your product from your competitors.
  • Create a more complete (and bundled) package for your customers - without leaving your ecosystem.
  • Incorporate your intellectual property and best practices into the software - creating software that builds your brand and provides additional revenue streams.
"We were lucky to find SurveyWx. Back in 2009, we launched a successful assessment for nonprofit fundraising teams. But a few years later, our survey hosting service went out of business. Fortunately, we found SurveyWx a sophisticated survey platform and have been running our assessment on his platform ever since. We strongly recommend this solution."
Ellen Bristol
President Bristol Strategy Group

Features your users will love:

  • Completely customize questions (images, scalar, matrix, likert, etc)
  • Collect, Preview and Re-code answers in the platform.
  • Import and create templates with your best practices easily.

It includes everything you’ve come to expect from SurveyMonkey (Momentive), Qualtrics, or SurveyGizmo (Alchemer) - but unlike those solutions, this can be adapted within your own application.