Collect anwers, get the insight you need

  • Different links to receive the answers you need
  • Contacts
  • Messages
Surveywx Question
  • Universal: The classic option.
  • Password: Close your survey to the people you require.
  • Unique: Make each participant to have a unique link, so you don’t get duplicate answers.
  • Unique Reusable: An specially designed option for associations that allows you to make benchmarking studies.
  • Profile: Secure access for each respondent, so that they continue their survey if they need to go.
  • Import your database easily with a .csv file.
  • Organized your data in different contact lists, which make possible to customize survey communication with respondents.
  • Each contact can be individually unsubscribed.
  • There is full contact management, with a full detail editor in order to delete, manage or add new contacts.
  • Rules-Based Delivery of messages. Messages can be scheduled in a flexible way; for example, multiple messages can be sent at certain time or day.
  • Customize the recipients for each message: these can be a particular contact list, or a sample of contacts within a contact list.
  • Different rules can be set up to automate follow-up, reminders, and thank-you messages.
  • Autocomplete and customize messages with Name/Last Name/SurveyURL tags.