Data Management

  • User-based File Management & Navigation
  • Edit and Re-code Variables
  • Preview and edit
  • Export
Surveywx Question
With our software you can organize your surveys into projects, surveys and versions, that way nothing gets lost. Decide your projects and organize what you need to do while keeping track of all the things you have already done.
Variable names can be edited in case required, and variables can be re-coded, in the way that new variables can be created based on existing variables and responses. For example, a numerical variable can be re-coded into a new categorical variable, or a categorical variable can also be recorded into a scalar, or an open text into a categorical, and so on. Re-coding allows the user to change the value of responses in a simple and intuitive way, without any need of complex formulas.
Users can preview data in a flexible way, navigating through responses without leaving the SurveyWx platform. Errant responses can be deleted inside the Preview.
All Survey Data can be exported to a csv, which will include all survey variables and responses too. Choose what to do with your data and download the answers as many times as you need in csv file to adapt to your needs.