Membership Engagement


If you are an association – serving your members (and keeping them engaged) is the reason for your existence.

We can help you keep your member base strong – by determining which members contribute the most to your organization, alerting you when members might leave, and determining what research your base would crave.

About MemberWx

MemberWx is the add-on module for SurveyWx, which manages and measures your membership analytics. We combine analytics, data management, predictive models, and market research to guide you on how best to leverage (and grow) your member base. Additionally, our specialists will help you think about new ways to measure what your members are doing, how they are contributing, and who you should focus your attention on.

Make your Membership Transparent

MemberWx uses a complete 360 view of your members (by segment or even individual member), to help you learn the following:

  • What research and programming do your members crave?
  • Which members contribute the most to your association’s community? (not just revenue!)
  • Which members are most likely to leave the association next year?
  • What is the average member’s lifetime value to you?

Applying Market Research to Membership

Very few association membership solution providers combine their membership software with market research. In fact, most applications will focus on just reporting your basic member stats. SurveyWx disagrees with this – in order to really understand your base, associations should do a deep dive utilizing all possible data sources available to you, and cross-reference your findings with smart (and real-time) market research offerings.

MemberWx takes the data provided from your financial systems, membership info, volunteer history, and website usage systems – and creates a complete 360 view of who your members are. Then, we calculate important metrics such as retention rate, or Lifetime Value of Member (how much your organization benefits from each member or member segment) – useful information for strategizing and and building your member base. Then, we use SurveyWx’s market research capabilities to ask your members what they want, and incorporate it with the data analysis to craft a complete picture of how you should invest in programming and research.

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