Brand Managers and Insights Professionals


Statistical analysis, surveys, and reporting – in one platform

  • Statistically analyze your survey data (segmentation, relationship analysis, predictive models) – without knowing anything about statistics
  • Administer powerful surveys, collect results, and analyze in (near) real-time
  • Clean (validate) your survey responses in minutes

Dynamic Surveys

Use SurveyWx to design insightful surveys, using skip-logic, discrete choice (coming soon), and other powerful questionnaires.

Powerful Statistical Analysis

No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create models or run analysis. Our powerful StatWx module empowers your current employees to become statistical gurus – without them learning what a “regression” is. Our revolutionary AI mimics the thinking of a trained statistician, and presents findings in plain English – allowing your current staff to focus on insights.

Online Reports and Benchmarks

Effortlessly create insightful benchmarks and online reports, updated in realtime, to provide actionable intelligence for the industry or clients you serve.

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