Analyze your Survey Results

Be your own stats genius, without knowing any math

Meet the world’s most powerful statistical analysis tool – usable by anyone regardless of stats knowledge.

Create dazzling visualizations and crosstabs, segment your customers, and discover hidden relationships – almost instantly. No math training required.

To analyze your data like a pro:

Step 1Upload data (or use our free survey tool)

Step 2Our AI Statistician will analyze for you

Step 3Review insights & findings – in plain English


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Results & Insights (Charts & Crosstabs)

Create engaging visualizations and informative crosstabs – instantly

  • SurveyWx automatically picks the best visualization – based on your data
  • Crosstabs show data in tables – for export or sharing
  • Share your findings online, in dashboards or benchmarks

Segmentation Analysis (Cluster)

Learn how your respondents organize themselves – and what makes them unique

  • Discover new ways to segment your respondents
  • SurveyWx decides which technique and variables are the best fit
  • Compare segments against each other – and the entire population

Use Case Examples:

  • What makes my most interesting customer segment unique?
  • What is the best way to market to customers, who are the most likely to try our product?

Relationship Analysis (Correlation)

Discover hidden relationships across your survey

  • SurveyWx decides which correlation technique to apply – and how
  • Analyze any type of variable – numerical, scalar, and text
  • Plain English insights explain how variables relate to each other

Use Case Examples:

  • Do my respondents answer question #2 and #7 the same way?
  • Does a customer’s purchase history relate to how they answer a survey?

Prediction at your fingertips (Regression)

Determine how survey questions or variables predict an outcome

  • Simply tell StatWx what you want to predict, and it will figure out what predicts it
  • SurveyWx matches the best prediction with the best technique
  • Create predictive models with powerful “what if” scenario analysis

Use Case Examples:

  • How does answering question #4 predict the likelihood of recommending our service?
  • Which variables are the best predictors of a customer’s satisfaction?
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